How the Third Republic of Poland betrayed Oleg Zakirov, her man in the KGB

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In my video today, I will tell you the story of Oleg Zakirov, a KGB major, who made many key findings in his investigation into the Katyn Massacre, for which he was later discharged. Fearing the revenge of his KGB colleagues, he fled to Poland. The latter, however, did not extend a helping hand to him. I titled this video “How the Third Republic of Poland betrayed Oleg Zakirov, her man in the KGB”. I cordially invite you to watch it. HONORARY PATRONAGE I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Minister of Education and Science, who has assumed the Honorary Patronage over the “Zakazane historie” channel. CHANNEL PARTNER The partner of the “Zakazane historie” channel is the Ministry of Education and Science, which is responsible for conducting state policy in the field of education and upbringing as well as science and higher education. The main goals of the ministry are: building a modern school, developing the competences of the future and ensuring that all students have equal access to high-quality education. Website: Thanks for the numerous comments on my videos and donations. In a special way, I would like to thank: 

SILVER PATRON – Mr. Dariusz Kwoka – Mr. Grzegorz Łojko – Mr. Michał Rychwalski – Canadian Polish Congress – Toronto District – – ecological cosmetics and dietary supplements. BROWN PATRON – prof. Mira Modelska-Creech – Jarosław Bataszew IN MY NEXT VIDEO In my next video, I will introduce you to a character of Stanisław Radkiewicz – the head of the all-powerful security service in Stalinist Poland. You will learn why he was in this position and why he was ready to do everything for his principals. I titled this video “The Greatest Secret of the Life of the Head of the Communist Secret Police”. I cordially invite you to watch it. Open letter and my answer:…